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N Scale Layout

The N scale layout is based on the North American lines between Seatle and the Twin cities of Minniapolis & St Paul. This layout has been built for DCC running.

The layout depicts the line between these points, working through the rockies close to the west coast. Once the line crosses the Rockies it then enters the plains, which is located on the second layer. The run is only point to point, so when you have run the full length of the line the only way to get back to where you started is by traversing the layout in the opposite direction. It is anticipated that running a train prototypically would take about 40 minutes in one direction.

Industries include paper mill, coal mines, grain terminals, oil refinery, saw mill, and various small industries placed throughout the layout. Trains run on this layout with various loads to match the industries depicted. Passenger trains are run in between the various goods trains.

Most of the trains that run on the layout are North American based. Trains of other countries and makes are also run when brought into the club.

Any make, model, country are welcome to be run on the layout.

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