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N Scale Exhibition Layout

This is a new layout to replace the existing HO exhibition layout (Phoenix Electric) which has been on the exhibition scene for 8 years, and is now at the end of it's servicable life.

N scale was chosen as we have never had a club exhibition layout in N scale and it would be quite different to what we have been running. There are more members who are interested in N scale which will make it easier to transport and run. The name of the new layout is "Northwest Passage" and this represents a line up the north west coast of the United States. The line is dual track with 1 siding and a passing loop. The staging yards are main line in each direction with 3 staging tracks for each main line.

The majority of the layout is coastline with a town/industrial area at one end.

There are 10 modules, 6 of them 2' x 6', 2 more 11" x 6' and the remaining 2 are an odd shape to blend into the corners.

N exhibition_layout_pic

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